Friday, September 5, 2014

Peanut Lab vs Revenue Universe-Not all point rewards are the same!

If you have ever tried Point Reward Programs, you probably know its a jungle out there! Sites like and Superpoints are just a couple of sites that offer surveys and free offers in return for redeemable reward points cash- all because big companies want to know your opinion!

So how do you know which provider to chose when the same survey is on multiple sites and you are only eligible to fill out a survey once? 

Ya gotta have a sharp eye, and read my blog more often =)

The first screen shot is offers by RevenueUniverse. It offers 2620 superpoints for the Videostripe offer. Now take a look at screen shot two. Notice how much Peanut Labs pays for the same offer? 4373 superpoints! That's right baby!The devil and the profits are in the details. 

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SCREENSHOT ONE RevenueUniverse
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SCREEN SHOT TWO : Peanut Labs. 
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